Lusion Ceiling Lights incorporate modern design and aesthetics using the latest LED chip technology to provide solutions for most interior installations.

From the “Galaxy” and “Saturn” range for domestic application, right through to the well renowned and popular Opal range, Lusion offers a comprehensive range of energy efficient LED Ceiling lights to provide a cost effective solution for most domestic and commercial applications.

The Rondo uses the latest “Smart” Technology, with an inbuilt sensor to allow the user to have multi settings, such as Daylight sensitivity, different illumination modes and stand by times,  all useful in commercial areas where occupancy and usage time varies.

Lusion Ceiling lights are robust, and only use proven quality materials and workmanship with an objective to provide a modern appearance. Using the latest chip technology, Lusion Ceiling Lights offer lifetime guarantees of up to 5 years dependent upon the wattage / model. Also offer quality inbuilt drivers, ensuring the maximum efficiency and lifetime operation of the LED chip.